Some of my favorites artists and links ;-)

Creative studios, 2D artists, 3D artists, game designers and performer friends

Two Dots - Creative studio dedicated to entertainment industry
Mélanie Le Grand - Performer artist
Alexandre Bonvalot - Art director and 2D artist
Stephane Fradet - 3D animator
L'oeuf noir - Short film and animation production studio
Kaliko - 2D artists, graphic designers
Yannick puig - 3D animator
Fabienne Kroenig - Graphic designer
Carine Hinder - 3D animator and illustrator.
Pudding - Sonia Laisné - Creative studio.
Alexis Bauzet - Art director and 2D artist
Yannick Quer - 3D artist
Gérald Obringer - Graphic designer
Yann Moreau - Graphic designer
Arsène Grimaud - Art director, concept artist
Alexis Bauzet - 2D artist and UI artist
Fabien Ouvrard - Character designer, storyboarder and concept artist
Xavier Etchepare - Concept artist
Jerome Pelissier - Art director, 3D artist

Illustration, concept art, animation forums

Concept Art - 2D forum, video game concept Arts
Café Salé - French 2D forum
CG Talk - 2D forum
Fous d'anim - French animation and short-films forum
CG Hub - 2D forum
1D café - French Freelance forum

Creation, design, illustration, architecture, fashion, new technologies - Trends and new technology
Fubiz - Trends, creation and new technology
Parkablogs - News about artbooks editions
FFFFound - Trends, creation, illustration
Today & tomorrow - Trends, creation and new technologies
Trends now -Trends, creation, new technologies
The cool hunter - Trends, art, design, fashion, architecture
FWA - Websites trends, graphic design
Motionographer - Motion design news
Retronaut - The past is a foreign country
This is Colossal - Colossal trends

2D artists
Talented 2D artists, illustrators and concept artists

Felideus - 2D artist
Ian Mc Que- 2D artist and concept artist
Arne- 2D artist and concept artist
Ani - 2D artist
Agata Kawa - 2D artist, painter.
Mc Bess - 2D artist, graphic designer
Shaun Tan - 2D artist
Frank Dion - 2D artist
Patch of orange - 2D artist
Alberto Cerriteno - 2D artist
Erwin Madrid - 2D artist and concept artist
Kevin Dart - 2D artist, graphic designer, motion designer
Kai Spannuth -2D artist
Marcin Jakubowski -2D artist
Serge Birault - 2D artist
Marc Simonetti -2D artist and concept artist
Richard Vermaak - 2D artist
Dan - Traditional tallented sign painter
Goro Fujita - Animator - 2D artist

3D artists
Talented 3D artists

Erwin Kho- 3D artist
Matt Roussel- 3D artist
Stipen 3D- 3D artist
Vincent Guibert - 3D artist
Yulia Brodskaya - 3D artist

Robots, machines and other steampunk's sculptures

Stéphane Halleux - Steampunk's sculptures
Gordon Bennett - Robots created with old objects
Crabfu - Machines and robots
André Robillard - Guns creation with old objects
Arman - Sculptures
Franck Fesquet - Robots.
Greg Brotherton - Sculptures.

Industrial places
Urban exploration, abandonned places pictures

Marchand & Meffre - Contemporary ruins
Reliques - Abandonned places pictures
Uopcku - Industrial places pictures
Friched - Urban and industrial archeology
Abandoned places - Abandoned places
Industrial decay - Lost and forgotten industry through photography
Forbidden places - Urban exploration, incredible places
Stahl Art - Industrial photography, industrial history and architecture
Industrie Kultur - Industrial architecture pictures
Stahlseite - Industrial pictures
Boreally - Urban exploration and alternative tourism
Urbex - Urban exploring
J&K Murray - Front stores from new york


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